Update to Display Tab Sorting

Hello fellow Christmas Light junkies!

We made an update to our blog navigation, with the Displays tab.

Originally, each city had it's own page that we would manually update as we added new listings to the blog. Each new listing would show up at the bottom of the list. It took a lot of work on our end and honestly, we were falling behind due to an influx of new displays this week.

So through the magic of "labels", we were able to revamp the Displays tab!

- When we add a new display in a city to a blog, it'll automatically populate in the new city page
- When we update an existing listing with a newer or better picture, it'll automatically update in the new city page
- Saves us a ton of work with manually updating each page

- New displays will be added to the TOP of the list, instead of at the bottom like they were before. We apologize for any confusion this may cause but it's something we can't control.
- We dumped the Kuna page and replaced it with Middleton, since we haven't gotten anything in Kuna (yet), but I do have a listing in Middleton I'll be adding soon.

As always, we thank you for your support!