Tues Nov 26 - Update Post

On Tues Nov 26, we did another night drive to build up our listings. We went to Eagle and Star, and here's what we found:

  • 3 displays are in progress, meaning they're working on putting up the lights.
  • 2 of these displays are light shows synced to music, which is gonna be awesome to see! That will bring us to four total light shows in Eagle, where just a couple years ago we didn't have any.
  • 2 displays have been added to our map, and both are new additions for 2019. One was found by driving around, and one was sent to us by the homeowner. They both look great!

It was just me this evening, but it was a nice opportunity to drive around some of the streets I grew up driving. I grew up in Eagle, and holy crap is it growing like a weed these days. The area around Legacy is absolutely exploding, and so is pretty much all of Star. While in Star, I visited a family I've known for a long time and we discussed all the growth happening around them. It's crazy to see how many homes are going in! This is probably why we're seeing more listings being added in the Eagle/Star area each year.