Fri Nov 22 - Update Post

On Friday, Nov 22, we had our first "night drive" - a night where we go around to check out some of our archived locations from previous years, and see which homes are lit up or "in progress". This is the first step in building our map and listings.

We tackled the North Meridian and West Boise areas - basically between Black Cat and Mitchell, and I-84 and Chinden. Here's what we found:

  • 11 displays are in progress, meaning they're working on putting up the lights.
  • 5 of these displays are light shows synced to music, and we're pumped to see they'll be back for 2019!
  • 1 display is ready to be added to the map, and it's actually two homes right next to each other which looks really cool: 415 E Joshua Tree Dr, Meridian
  • 1 new home was found in our travels, but they were also in progress, so we'll check it out later. It looks promising!

Gracie and her husband tagged along for the ride, and of course she insisted on seeing if the house on Johns Landing is lit yet, since that's her personal favorite. So we took a little ride over there, and we can confirm that it's not lit yet - but it is in progress and will likely be lit up soon! While over there, we also confirmed that the display up on Quail Ridge is in progress and will likely be lit up soon.

Over the next few weeks, we'll continue these night drives and post updates. Thanks for your patience as we work to build up our map and listings. 😊