Boise Christmas Tree Falls, Lighting Event Postponed

Image from CBS 2 Boise

Update 12/4 - The Tree Lighting has been rescheduled for Friday, Dec 6 at 6PM.

The Christmas tree at Grove Plaza in downtown Boise took a fall on Thanksgiving evening, and now the City of Boise will be postponing the Tree Lighting event that was scheduled for the very next day.

The Christmas tree lighting was scheduled to take place on Friday Nov 29, but is now postponed due to safety concerns surrounding the tree:

Due to unknown reasons, the 45-foot tree toppled over on Thanksgiving evening causing damage rendering the tree unsafe. Public safety is our main concern so the event is postponed to a later date. An announcement will come early next week regarding the rescheduled event.

Some of the lights on the tree and the star on top took some damage in the fall. But luckily, nobody was injured when the tree fell. Just imagine if this tree fell over just 24 hours later, around the time of the lighting event. The downtown Boise tree lighting is a very popular event, so we're very lucky this tree fell when nobody was around instead of during the event.

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According to CBS 2 Boise, some visitors said that "the tree looked too top heavy to properly stand up in the small base it was potted in." And in our opinion, from looking at the pictures, that very well could be the case. We're no tree experts, but that looks like an awfully tiny base for such a big tree.

We'll keep you updated once we find out more information about the tree or rescheduled lighting event.

Update 12/4 - The Tree Lighting has been rescheduled for Friday, Dec 6 at 6PM.