Possible New Features for 2019

Our 2018 season was wildly successful! We had a record number of Christmas Light Displays added to our map, we introduced a few new features, and hit some awesome milestones. You can read more about our 2018 season here.

We got the ball rolling on the 2019 season by attending the first ever Boise-area Christmas Light meetup, the Idaho xLights mini, in March. We had experts, newbies, and everyone in between attend. It was a blast!

The gang from the 2019 Idaho xLights Mini in Boise

We had the opportunity to present at the meetup, where we discussed our history, what we did for the 2018 season, and some potential ideas for the 2019 season. It was a fantastic brainstorming session, and we walked away with some fun and great ideas!

Here's a sneak peek on some new things we want to try for the 2019 season:
  • A scavenger hunt filled with things to find at the various Christmas Light displays
  • A 12 Days of Christmas/Twas the Night Before Christmas themed arrangement between the various Light Shows/Displays
  • Facebook Live videos at the Opening Night of some Christmas Light shows
  • Physical printouts of Maps at various display locations
  • Creating an Admin-curated Top 10 Displays list at the end of the Season

We also are proposing a couple of changes to how we run the Map/Routes:
  • Creating a new submission system in addition to our Gmail account
  • Splitting up some of the Driving Routes to make them smaller (looking at you, Meridian)
  • Including photos of each stop on the Driving Routes - we already had photos on the main map, but we just need to copy those over to the Route map
  • Making Light Show Etiquette guidelines more prominent in listings
  • Daily Blog Updates and Instagram posts on which displays are up and running, in addition to the Map

A lot of our tweaks and changes came directly as a result of public feedback, from both our Facebook community and the light decorators themselves. We've also been bouncing ideas off other light map creators. If you have any suggestions or ideas for us, we'd love to hear them! Send us an email: BoiseChristmasLights@gmail.com