Neighborhood Christmas Watch: Tumble Creek, Meridian

On our Boise Christmas Lights Map, we have over 60 different homes that are all decorated for the season, with more listings rolling in every single day! But sometimes you might not have a lot of time to drive from location to location, and just want to check out a neighborhood that goes all out for Christmas. So, we'll be highlighting some neighborhoods/subdivisions in the Treasure Valley area that go all out for Christmas! That way, you can just stick with one quick neighborhood trip and save some time and gas. Welcome to our fourth edition of Neighborhood Christmas Watch! Today's highlight is the Tumble Creek neighborhood in Meridian.

Tumble Creek

SW Corner of Linder and Ustick, Meridian

A few years ago, a resident of Tumble Creek emailed us about adding the neighborhood to our map listings. She included some pictures, which was very nice and helpful! We've continued to highlight homes in Tumble Creek ever since then.

There are so many homes that are decorated for the holiday season! So many inflatables, a ton of lights, and there's even a light show synced to music tucked away in the neighborhood at 3075 N Springtime Ave!

When checking on 3075 N Springtime Ave this year, I caught the homeowner putting up lights and was able to chat with him for a few minutes. He informed me that the Tumble Creek HOA holds a yearly Christmas light decorating contest, and that's why you'll find tons of homes lit up for the season!

Considering the amount of homes in Tumble Creek that are all decked-out for the season, PLUS the light show synced to music at 3075 N Springtime Ave, you should definitely take a drive through Tumble Creek.

We're not in touch with the Tumble Creek HOA right now, but we are definitely curious which of these fantastic homes wins the competition this year! If anyone has the inside scoop, please let us know and we'll be happy to highlight it!

Tumble Creek is located at the Southwest Corner of Linder Road and Ustick Road in Meridian. You can enter from either Ustick or Linder. It's a must-see neighborhood if you are ever in the Meridian area!

Thank you to all the homeowners in Tumble Creek, and to the Tumble Creek HOA, for giving us a fantastic place to see Christmas lights in the Boise area!

- William @BCL

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