Neighborhood Christmas Watch: Meridian Greens

On our Boise Christmas Lights Map, we have over 60 different homes that are all decorated for the season, with more listings rolling in every single day! But sometimes you might not have a lot of time to drive from location to location, and just want to check out a neighborhood that goes all out for Christmas. So, we'll be highlighting some neighborhoods/subdivisions in the Treasure Valley area that go all out for Christmas! That way, you can just stick with one quick neighborhood trip and save some time and gas. Welcome to the first edition of Neighborhood Christmas Watch!

First up is the Meridian Greens Subdivision, off Overland and Meridian Roads in Meridian.

Meridian Greens

South on Meridian Road/SH 69, East on Overland Rd, South on 5th Street

Meridian Greens has been on our map listings since the very first year. A couple of homeowners reached out to me to get their homes added to our map. One of those homeowners still decorates their home to this day, and many, many more homes in the neighborhood have followed suit!

The variety of decorations is fantastic! Some go all-out with tons of lights, and others keep it simple with beautiful manger displays. Some homes are right next to each other and share decorations across their shared lawn!

There are also a few homes with large, inflatable decorations in the yard. Drive around and see anything from Santa, Disney characters, Snowmen and Minions on some of the front yards!

We can say that Meridian Greens in Meridian is one of the best neighborhoods in the Boise area to see Christmas Lights! We are thankful for all the homeowners who decorate their homes and yards to show off their Christmas spirit.

On our Christmas Lights Map, we've simply added one pin to the entire neighborhood, because there are just so many homes in there that the pins would literally be overlapping each other! Just go to Meridian Greens, take the Overland Road/5th Ave entrance (there's a traffic signal there) and just drive around. We promise you won't be disappointed!

- William @BCL