Neighborhood Christmas Watch: Edna Street, Boise

On our Boise Christmas Lights Map, we have over 60 different homes that are all decorated for the season, with more listings rolling in every single day! But sometimes you might not have a lot of time to drive from location to location, and just want to check out a neighborhood that goes all out for Christmas. So, we'll be highlighting some neighborhoods/subdivisions in the Treasure Valley area that go all out for Christmas! That way, you can just stick with one quick neighborhood trip and save some time and gas. Welcome to our third edition of Neighborhood Christmas Watch! This one is a little different, since it's not a "neighborhood" per se - it's a street. Edna Street, that is.

Edna Street

From Maple Grove to beyond Cloverdale Road

I don't know what it is about Edna Street. But every single year, this three-plus mile stretch of road is always decked out with lights and decorations around Christmas! I think all the residents on that street are in kahootz with each other about decorating their homes like crazy each year. (any Edna Street residents please feel free to reach out to us to confirm or deny this)

I'd recommend starting your drive on Edna Street from Maple Grove and heading west. There's gonna be three homes immediately on the south side of the street (9075 W Edna St is one of them for reference) whose yards are just stuffed to the brim with yard decorations, and have so many lights that I bet Idaho Power refuses to let them enroll in level pay.

After passing that Christmas trifecta, keep on going down Edna Street and you will continue to see some very nicely decorated homes on both sides of the street. Lots of lights, lots of inflatables... just lots to see!

Once you hit the signal at Five Mile, keep going straight, and you'll quickly come upon a home (10727 W Edna St) on the south side of the street that is absolutely filled with lights and decorations. When I was taking pictures of this home, several other vehicles and even a retirement home shuttle bus were stopped to look at this display:

As you keep going down Edna Street, you'll see a few more nicely decorated homes along Edna Street, and eventually hit Cloverdale. Keep on going! From this point, Edna Street turns into more of a neighborhood drive for The Traditions subdivision. And here's where some really cool homes are found:

It's safe to say the majority of the homes in The Traditions neighborhood have decorated for Christmas. It appears that each home is allowed to be unique, but if you want to decorate the trees along the street, they have to be uniform: white trunks, green strands in the branches. And you know what, I am totally fine with that. It's both uniform and unique!

So, go take a nice drive down Edna Street! As mentioned above, I recommend starting on the Maple Grove side, because it's not quite as easy to start your journey down Edna Street from the opposite end past Cloverdale. Starting at Maple Grove will ensure you see the entire stretch of Edna Street with eas, but I'm not gonna complain if you decide to be a rebel and try to start at the other end.

Also keep in mind that the Bayhill Springs neighborhood is very close to the Maple Grove side of Edna Street! Bayhill Springs is known for their fantastic Christmas Lights and is also on our Neighborhood Christmas Watch.

Happy Travels!

- William @BCL