Neighborhood Christmas Watch: Bayhill Springs, Boise

On our Boise Christmas Lights Map, we have over 60 different homes that are all decorated for the season, with more listings rolling in every single day! But sometimes you might not have a lot of time to drive from location to location, and just want to check out a neighborhood that goes all out for Christmas. So, we'll be highlighting some neighborhoods/subdivisions in the Treasure Valley area that go all out for Christmas! That way, you can just stick with one quick neighborhood trip and save some time and gas. Welcome to the second edition of Neighborhood Christmas Watch! We're highlighting the Bayhill Springs neighborhood in West Boise.

Bayhill Springs

Northeast Corner of Ustick and Milwaukee, Boise

Like Meridian Greens, the Bayhill Springs neighborhood has been on our Christmas Light Map listings since the very beginning. I was first tipped off about all the Christmas Lights in Bayhill Springs by a Redditor on r/Boise when I was first compiling my map listings.

I was absolutely impressed by the amount of homes decorated for the holidays. Some of the streets in the neighborhood straight up looked like a movie set for a cheesy Lifetime Christmas movie. And believe me, that's a compliment! Literally every house and tree on the block was decked out with lights.

A few homes had inflatables in the yard, including a nearly 20-foot tall Santa Claus! There are no light shows synced to music in Bayhill Springs, but honestly, they don't need one. Considering the majority of the homes have lights up, that is more than enough to give this neighborhood our stamp of approval. Bayhill Springs is a MUST-SEE neighborhood for Christmas Lights!

At least one resident has reached out to us to have their home included on the map, and we've given them an individual pin on the map. As for the rest of the neighborhood, we've added a single pin to the map that's kind of tucked back in the corner, so people will take the time to (hopefully) drive through the entire neighborhood when using their GPS.

The Bayhill Springs neighborhood is located at the Northeast corner of Ustick Road and Milwaukee Street in West Boise. There's an entrance on both Ustick Road and Milwaukee Street, and it doesn't matter which entrance you take. There's so much to see!

- William @BCL