Take a Nice, Lighted Walk Down Indian Creek in Downtown Caldwell

Our third Community Christmas Event of 2018 takes us over to the 2C - Canyon County that is!

The City of Caldwell has done a lot to revitalize their downtown core, especially in regards to Indian Creek. One of the ways that Caldwell continues to bring thousands of visitors to its downtown core is the Caldwell Winter Wonderland Christmas Light Display, where every tree, bridge, bush and rock is decorated in colorful lights!

A lighted bridge at Caldwell's Winter Wonderland Christmas Lights, Nov 16, 2018.

There are nearly a million lights total in this fantastic display! It's totally free to the public, and you can start and stop walking wherever you'd like, including on the bridges themselves. Indian Creek continues to be one of the most visited Christmas Light displays, and one of my personal favorites. The sounds of the flowing creek provide an excellent ambiance.

Nearly every tree and shrub is covered in lights, and there are lots of decorations floating in the creek itself!
Photo taken Nov 16, 2018.

Winter Wonderland at Indian Creek in Caldwell, Nov 16, 2018.
Winter Wonderland at Indian Creek in Caldwell, Nov 16, 2018.

New this year is the Indian Creek Plaza itself, which includes a large stage and Idaho's first ice skating ribbon. The Plaza was finished in 2018 and is expected to host events throughout the year. More information on ice skating can be found here: https://www.indiancreekplaza.com/ice-skating/

Idaho's first Ice Skating Ribbon is featured at Indian Creek Plaza. Photo taken Nov 16, 2018.

Here's something for the history buffs out there - or if you're a long-time Treasure Valley native, you might have already known this. Indian Creek was originally covered up by buildings and roads, and hid from public view. Revitalization efforts in the 2000s started to uncover the creek:

Indian Creek's revitalization in progress. Courtesy Z1Boise on Flickr.com.

I remember when this was on the local news. I was very young and hadn't been to Caldwell much. And truth be told, Caldwell used to get a bad rep due to higher than average crime in the area. But today, I can truthfully say that Caldwell has made leaps and bounds in making their downtown area a true destination. With the addition of Indian Creek Plaza, it's now a destination that I feel almost rivals downtown Boise or even the Village at Meridian.

As for the Winter Wonderland Festival lighting ceremony itself, well, that was an experience. I was originally at the Scentsy Christmas Lighting event at 6:30, and had my sister Gracie heading to Caldwell to cover the Indian Creek Lighting in case I couldn't make it there in time. As I figured, traffic started slowing down on I-84 near the Karcher exit, and I cut it dangerously close to the 7:30 switch-flipping ceremony.

While we did make it to the switch-flipping on time, there were so many people at the ceremony that our phones could not connect to mobile data, and neither Gracie or I could not start a Facebook Live video. Seriously. There were probably thousands of people there, all up and down the creek. But we did capture the lighting on our Instagram story:

And it wasn't until later that evening that I found out the entire Indian Creek corridor has public Wi-Fi available for use... LOL that would've been nice to know when I was trying to use Facebook Live 😂😂😂

I wish I would've seen this sign earlier!

Anywho, the Winter Wonderland at Indian Creek in Caldwell is hands down one of the best light displays you can see in the Treasure Valley. It's a must-see! The lights will stay on thru mid-January.

On I-84, take the 10th Street/City Center Exit 28, and head south towards City Center. You'll drive on a bridge over the railroad tracks, and the Winter Wonderland lights will be on your right (west).

- William @BCL