Serene Open Spaces Provide Perfect Setting for Scentsy Christmas Lights

👃 - *sniff*

You smell that? It's the home of wickless candle giant Scentsy - and their fantastic Christmas Light display at their HQ, Scentsy Commons, in Meridian!

Along the bustling commuter highway we know as Eagle Road, we find this amazing open space at the southwest corner of Eagle and Pine. Every year, Scentsy puts up thousands of Christmas lights on almost every single tree on their expansive open space. And it is quite the sight to behold!

Christmas Lights at Scentsy Commons, Nov 16, 2018.

Scentsy was the Treasure Valley's second community Christmas lighting event, just after The Village at Meridian's event the previous night, and only one hour prior to Indian Creek's Winter Wonderland Festival in Caldwell. Scentsy had plenty of fun things on hand, including several food trucks.

If I heard correctly, Scentsy has enough strings of lights on their campus to make it from Boise to Mountain Home. That's absolutely ridiculous!

Scentsy's Tunnel of Lights, Nov 16, 2018.
One of the cool things you'll find at the Scentsy Christmas Lights display is a light tunnel that you can walk through! There were people lined up at the beginning of the tunnel, even before they switched the lights on at 6:30 PM, just so they could be the first to walk through the tunnel.

The atmosphere of the lighting event was super chill, and the wide open spaces and large grass field gave kids plenty of room to unleash some energy. Because who doesn't like just rolling down a hill?

I was there to broadcast the lighting event on FB Live:

We also featured the lighting on our Instagram Story:

You can enjoy the amazing Christmas Lights at Scentsy Commons throughout the Christmas season. It's free to visit, and there's plenty of parking all along the Scentsy campus. You can find more information and directions by checking out our 2018 Boise Christmas Lights Map.

- William @BCL