Music, Santa, and Lots of Fireworks at The Village at Meridian

Tonight we kicked off the first of several community Christmas events in the Treasure Valley. First to the punch was The Village at Meridian with their Christmas Tree Lighting and Santa Arrival!

We at Boise Christmas Lights were there for the festivities. After grabbing a bite to eat at Arby's (can't deny those curly fries) I made my way over to the Village, and was quickly reminded of how bad traffic is around the Village... especially during the 5 o'clock rush hour. Pro tip: Try not to use the Fairview and Records entrance by the Village Cinema - use one of the right-turns into the Village off Eagle Road, even if you have to make a U-turn at Fairview. Just trust me on this. I do miss the left turn into the Village at Chick-Fil-A that ITD had to shut down.

Anywho, after finding a parking spot, it was apparent this would be a HUGE event. Tons of vehicles were circling the parking lot. So many adults and children were making their way to the Fountain Square. Once I made my way to Fountain Square, the concert had already started. The square was  full of people, but it wasn't too crowded for comfort.

It was pretty cool having live music, and I could tell the kids were all having a blast. Seeing all the festive spirit of my fellow Idahoans made me quickly forget about the traffic woes I had just escaped. Jake Gill had a great performance and it sounded awesome.

Jake Gill from The Voice entertains the crowd at the Village at Meridian on Nov 15, 2018.
Credit: Marissa Haas via Facebook
Santa Claus arrives at the Village at Meridian on Nov 15, 2018.
Credit: Tamara Mitchell via Facebook
Jolly old Saint Nick himself appeared to the kids delight, and encouraged the audience to chant in unison to light the tree. The tree was lit, and it looked fantastic.

The Village at Meridian Christmas Tree on Nov 15, 2018.
Credit: Melanie Morales via Facebook
What I wasn't expecting was the insane amount of fireworks that launched off the rooftops all around us. It was quite the sight to behold!

Watch as the Christmas Tree is lit and fireworks shoot off all around us! Taken at the Village at Meridian, Nov 15, 2018.
Credit: @BoiseChristmasLights via Instagram

Our Facebook Live broadcast of the Christmas Tree Lighting at the Village at Meridian, Nov 15, 2018.
Credit: @BoiseChristmasLights on Facebook

Overall, the Christmas Tree Lighting at the Village was a great experience! The Village has always been a hot retail destination for those in the Treasure Valley, and they're always putting on special events. It's a great asset to the Treasure Valley, and yes, it's worth the crappy traffic to get there. Go get a taco at Calle 75, a sandwich from Which Wich, or a charburger at Habit Burger while you're at it.

PS: The Village at Meridian also boasts an Ice Skating Rink. Get more details here.

- William @BCL