Music, Choirs and the Idaho Capitol Christmas Tree

It was a brisk Monday night for the Idaho Capitol's Christmas Tree lighting, but the soft yet tranquil ambiance of the event itself was well worth being there.

Idaho Capitol Christmas Tree was lit on November 26, 2018

Much like some of the other Christmas Tree lightings, there was live music for the crowd to enjoy. But unlike those other lighting ceremonies, this music was actually a bit more mellow and sounded absolutely beautiful. I mean, there's no shade towards any of the other rock bands that got the crowd energized at The Village or in Downtown Boise - those were a blast! But the choral sounds of Opera Idaho and the Cecil D. Andrus Elementary Ambassador Choir, as well as the playing of classic carols by the 25th Army Band, presented a nice, mellow, and enjoyable atmosphere for all attending. I parked in the Capitol Terrace garage, and was followed to the statehouse by many families with children who were there to watch the lighting of this magnificent Blue Spruce.

This Blue Spruce was planted in the Spring of 1989 by Brad Bammel. Brad and his family decorated the tree each year, until it simply got too big for their front yard. The tree was donated to the State of Idaho as their official Christmas Tree, and was cut down from their Boise yard and transported to the Capitol steps in mid-November.

We got to hear from Governor Otter and First Lady Lori Otter at the ceremony, which was their final tree lighting as the outgoing Gov. Otter will be handing the reins over to Brad Little next year. They expressed their thanks to the citizens of Idaho and wished everyone a great holiday season.

We were there live on Facebook:

The crowd was invited into the Statehouse after the lighting ceremony to see all the decorations inside. You could tell the kids were super excited to head inside (maybe it was the cold, but hey, who knows) and see the decorations.

The Idaho State Capitol Christmas Tree is now lit and can be seen on the south side of the Capitol building. In fact, you can catch a nice glimpse of it from Boise's famous photo-taking spot at the Train Depot directly south of the Capitol building.

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